Carpeting and Upholstery

  Our carpeting meets the stringent FAR 23.853 requirements and comes with the Statement of Compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations.

  Carpet Specifications:

Our carpets are bound with matching nylon net mesh binding in the same locations as the original  carpet (see   thumbnail #1). This carpet has the woven scrim backing on it and does not have the foam that holds water or disintegrates (see thumbnail #2).
Notes regarding colors: We do our best with the photographs of available colors, however, the colors my vary depending on your monitor and monitor settings. These are for general information purposes only.
         Neutral                                   Blue                                 Grey
            Red                                 Charcoal
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Seat Upholstery / Wall Panel Sets
Take a moment to review our sample photos of available colors. These are our standard colors, so if you place an order on the phone or on the store site, you'll know which one to ask for. Also note that most of these colors are available on a similar color in genuine leather. There won't be an exact match, but if you'd like a leather option, these samples will be close enough.
Regmental Blue              Claret             Adobe White                 Dove                       Oak  
   Graphite (dark gray)   Dark Cherry               Taupe                        Bisque                     Putty

   Also available in Black
Special Information for PA28 Wall Panels:
If you are refurbishing the interior of a PA28, you are likely to come across any number of situations regarding the wall panels. For instance, the original Piper wall panel sustrates were fabricated from a fire resistant cardboard type material. This deteriorates over the years and looks like this when you remove the panels (click to enlarge):
If this is the case, then you'll need a "complete wall panel set". For this, we use 2024T3 aircaft aluminum for the substrates as opposed to using cardboard or plastic sign board. This provides the installer with the most flexible product to install and is a permanent solution for the panels. The complete wall panel set comes with all new metal wall panels substrates with the new upholstery already sewn and installed for you.

In the event that you have a later model PA28 (such as the Warrior and Archer), the panels come with everything except the plastic window trim. You'll need to remove the trim from your old panels and install them on the new panels using simple pop rivets. The upholstery will already be installed except for the top so all you have to do is wrap the material around the trim and glue in place. Here is a photograph that shows this type of installation. The upholstery has been removed in this photograph so that you may see how the trim is centered and riveted in alignment. Pretty easy all around.
In the event that you already have good wall panel substrates, then you can purchase new upholstery soft goods separately for a lesser cost.
If you'd like to purchase a complete wall panel set, you may call us by telephone or place your order on line here :
Complete Wall Panel Sets
If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 731-658-7422 or email us at sales
Wall Panel Upholstery Soft Goods
In the event that you already have good wall panel upholstery, but the substrates are deteriorated, then you may want to purchase the metal wall panel substrates by themselves.
Wall Panel Substrates